Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Jersey Berry?

I wonder if we've been too quick to say that Paul, #111, doesn't match the New Jersey Berrys?    Apparently based on Paul's DYS448 null, FTDNA's TiP says no one is closer than a genetic distance of 19.    But, when we use Whit Athey's Y-Utility it shows a definite relationship.It apparently ignores the null.

Sure wish we had Paul's yAncestry.    So far, no response from him.

Oh yeah, the obligatory you-know-what -
A Caveat here.    Laurence, #9, has tested 25 markers with FTDNA and the rest are from SMGF.    Ron, #86, tested with Relative Genetics and Paul's markers are from FTDNA.    This means that we only have 24 markers from Laurence and Paul that we can directly compare with one another without being concerned with nomenclature conversions which, frankly, I'm not at all sure of.


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