Monday, February 04, 2008

Silver Green

Since our DNA results have slowed down I've had a chance to put another cemetery online.    While I was in Miami I took my dogs out for a little run while I surveyed a couple of cemeteries.    The first, Silver Green, is barely a cemetery.    I don't know whether it's just becoming a cemetery or whether it's a fading cemetery.    I'm inclined toward the former interpretation.

Take a look and see what you think.    Silver Green Cemetery.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stummbled upon your page. Just to make mention on the Silver Green cemetery, it's an old cemetery and stopped recieving the dead in 1955. It only houses black pioneers on the Miami Florida area. It hasn't been maintained, and most stones have been stolen or moved. It's really a sad situation. I was just there today and there are so many graves marked by a mere flag in the ground. Research was promised in 2004, but nothing has been done or said since. Seems that there are lots of people that don't care, and or don't know.

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