Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Paul, #111, showed up early yesterday already having 24 markers reported, his Y-DNA1-12 and his Y-DNA26-37 panels.    19 of his 24 markers (all they had in common) matched Ronald, #86, and the 14 markers he and Laurence, #9, had in common all matched.    He'd be a New Jersey Berry right?    Wrong!

Later yesterday his final Y-DNA13-25 panel of his Y-DNA37 order was reported and his distance from Laurence on the 27 markers they now have in common is 19!!    19!    A lesson to be drawn here about 12 marker matches.    Paul and Laurence had a perfect match at 14 markers and a distance of 19 at 27 markers.

Probably as large as it is, though, because Paul has a null at DYS448.    Now if I could only remember what they've been saying on the DNA-List about nulls.    Wish I had his yAncestry to see if it looks at all like the New Jersey guys'.


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