Thursday, February 07, 2008

English Colony Berrys

Hard on Paul's heels is another new member, Alan Leneau Berry, #112, our 117th member, sponsored by Linda Dail.    What's more, he's the second English Colony Berry to show up in a week!

But before we talk about him, a little housekeeping.    Since we now have members tested at several different labs, I've tried to make certain that when we compare markers we're really comparing apples with apples.    To this end I've done my best to convert all markers to FTDNA convention.    I believe I have but if any of you, when you look at yours, think some ought to be changed, drop me an email so we can examine them.

Now back to our original subject.    Here's our yResults marker table and here's a genetic distance table for the English Colony Berrys -
Plus, our favorite -


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