Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spartanburg Co., SC Berrys

New Results!    The final 12 markers of Donald's, #103, Y-DNA37 order arrived yesterday evening and the Spartanburg Co., SC Berrys lose their '?'.    Clay, #41, still gets only a 'possible' for his 12 marker results combined with a paper trail, but Donald and Wayne, #1, are genetically 'verified' through their common 25 markers even though they don't (yet) have their paper connection.

Donald represents a very real opportunity for this family.    Some may recall that Donald lives in Scotland.    If these folks can somehow collaborate to extend and join their pedigrees . . . !?    In addition, if John's, #105, results, expected perhaps as early as March 14, confirm his research then the Spartanburg Co., SC Berrys are on the move.

Oh, and by the way, Vote.

Alexandria, Virginia - February 10, 2008


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