Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Palms Memorial

Well, apparently too much time on my hands again, so while I was watching the Potomac Primary election returns last night I formatted the second cemetery that I'd surveyed while I was in Miami.   You recall that the first one was Silver Green.   Later that same day I went to Palms Memorial Cemetery.   Unfortunately, by that time it had started to rain pretty good so I had to take the photos between showers.   I tried to find the Berrys there but didn't find them all.   Here's what I got.     Palms Memorial Cemetery


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you go to You can find Missouri Berrey's that came from Madison County VA. in 1834

And if you'll allow my E Mails, I'll send you a listing of those in the Berrey Cemetery, Audrain County Missouri, with description of where cemetery is located on Platt map. bberreystotler

3:59 AM  
Blogger langolier said...

Hey Barb,

I have no firwalls. My email address is

10:15 AM  

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