Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spring ahead

Yes, I know you just lost an hour of sleep but I have to tell you that Edward's, #110, Y-DNA13-25 results just came in and he's confirmed as a Faires Berry, as expected.

You will recall that at 12 markers he also was a 12/12 match with the Barry/Berrys, C.E, #77, and William, #79.    At 25 markers he is now a genetic distance of 6 from each.

Edward now needs to upload his results to Ysearch, as does Dennis, #31.    Barb?    I guess while I'm at it I should also remind David, #13, Brooks, #20(Raymond), John, #42(Janice), Larry, #48, Rex, #63, Chuck, #70, Ken, #83(Mike), Gerry, #85, Nat, #87(Rose), John, #91(Julia), Grant, #93, Mark, #94, Jim, #96, and Jeff, #100, to do the same.    It's really very simple, just go to your FTDNA personal page, click on your Y-DNA MATCHES tab and then click on the line that says, "Click here to upload to".    That's all there is to it.    You then have the opportunity to enter contact information and basic information about your earliest known ancestor.


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