Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our cup runneth over!

HVR2 results, Y-DNA48-60 markers and a new participant!    Could it get any better?

Philip, #10, our adoptee searching for his family got his HVR2 results yesterday, part of his upgrade to mtDNA Full Sequence (the entire 16,569 base pair long genome of the mitochondrion!).    Philip is our first mtDNA Full Sequence testee so I don't know exactly what to expect from FTDNA.    I don't know how much of the genome will be available to the administrators, nor how much of it Philip would want displayed of what is available, nor just how I might do it.    Live and learn, I guess.

Richard, #82, received his Y-DNA48-60 markers, the final panel of his Y-Refine37to67 upgrade.    Unfortunately, Richard not only has no matches in the Berry Project, he has no significant matches in FTDNA's entire 128,771 haplotype database.    But hope springs eternal.

Our new participant is Emmett Raymond Berry, #119, our 127th participant.    Emmett's yAncestry is posted on the Unassigned page because so far he can only trace his family back to around 1800.    Just the kind of folks we are looking for.    We can all search and anticipate along with him.


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