Friday, May 23, 2008

What might be?

I took the occasion of the return of Johnny's, #117, results at to re-examine the genetic distances between all the haplotypes for the entire Project to see what we might determine.    That genetic distance table may be examined here:

Project Genetic Distance table

You will recall that Johnny is a Swan Quarter descendant and there was some thought that that group might have some connection to our Orange Co., NC Berrys.    Instead, it would appear from this table that at least Johnny's line may be related to the Spartanburg Co., SC Berrys.I suspect that the 'possibly related' characterization of the genetic distance between Clay and Johnny is purely a function of the fact that Clay has only tested to 12 markers.

It would also appear from this survey that James, #115, is most likely a Berry Plain Berry.
James is a Genographic Project transfer who has only tested 12 markers and to date, has not chosen to share his yAncestry with us.    If any of the Berry Plain folks know James they might want to encourage his more active participation in the Project.

Here's the Berry Plain TMRCA -


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