Sunday, October 19, 2008

Northwest bric-a-brac

I took quite a few photos during my recent trip, mostly while my sister, Peggy, was zipping along the highway at 60 mph but sometimes even while I was driving.    I'll try to see if I can't sort of group some of them into common themes and post them during slower times.    Remember that you can view any image at full size by clicking on it.

As indicated, today's theme is 'bric-a-brac'.    First, an interesting example of 'roadside art' alongside I-5 between Portland and Chehalis -
You'll also recall that I made my first post from Oregon from a bench on the street in Oregon City.    Here's the bench -
and while looking for the Fox Valley Cemetery in Linn Co., we came across Phantom Lane.    If Phantom could read, she'd be pleased -
This is a road to the huckleberry fields -
They build hay bales differently in Eastern Oregon.    None of those wimpy round things and no plastic.    Not even those tiny square bales -
Lots more left.    My home town, the Gorge itself, youthful adventure in La Grande.
Stay tuned.


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