Monday, March 23, 2009

Project clad

Continuing the Unassigned Berrys theme I thought it would be a good time to do a cladogram of all the Unassigned Berrys who have tested to 25 markers to determine their relationship, whatever it is, with one another.

The following cladogram is technically not merely a cladogram of Unassigned Berrys.    It does contain all Unassigned Berrys to date, identified by Project ID#, but it also contains the modal haplotype for each of the identified Berry Families designated by appropriate initials so that it represents the relative distances and relationships of each member of the Project who has tested to 25 markers.
Click here to view the cladogram full size.

To give you an idea of the distances, this is the central portion showing the mutations between persons.
I have no special insights into anything the cladogram might show.    Each of you should examine it for yourselves.    However, I do think you will find that folks are generally clustered by haplogroup.


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