Monday, April 06, 2009

For those of you with new puppies

The 3 P's of House-Training Success:     Predictability, patience, and praise.

These things go hand in hand for successful house-training.      Here's how to get your pup to go where he's supposed to:

  • Set a schedule.    Plan to feed and walk him at the same time every day.

  • Stick to the menu.    Don’t change his diet.    And give the same amount at each meal.    No table scraps!

  • Pick a spot.    Right after eating, take him out to the same spot each time.    After he does his business, heap on the praise!

  • If you catch him in the act  .  .  .  don’t have a cow.    Firmly tell your pup “No!” or “Stop,” and take him to his designated area  -  -  and remember to praise him when he goes.    If you see an accident after the fact, never drag your pup back to the crime scene    He will be confused and hurt, which could set back all of your hard work.

The first 7 to 12 weeks of puppyhood is the ideal time to begin house-training  -  -  that's when your little guy can learn best.    But at this age, pups can't fully control their bladders, and accidents will happen.    So that throw rug you spent a mint on  .  .  .  better put it in a safe place!

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