Sunday, April 05, 2009

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Ralph, #162, is our newest Participant.    Ralph tested 30 markers with Ancestry and is perhaps a match with Gerald, #64.

Here are their genetic distances -
Here are their haplotypes -The problem here is, as you can see, that even though they match 26 of 27 common markers, differing only at DYS464c, Ralph doesn't have those four fast-moving markers from FTDNA's third panel.

FTDNA's third panel, Y-DNA26-37, contains five fast-moving markers, four of which, DYS570, 576 and CDYa&b, have been useful for separating lines in some families and in some cases determining whether there is a family match or not.

Unfortunately, Ralph, like others of you who have tested elsewhere than at FTDNA, is missing those important 'fast-movers'.    I suggested to FTDNA that there must be a price point at which they could offer that third panel as a 'stand-alone' product but they seem to be having none of it.    At this writing the most economical method of getting these markers that I've yet been able to devise is to order Y-DNA1-12 from FTDNA's Promotion for individuals that have tested their Y-DNA with Relative Genetics, DNAHeritage, Ancestry, Oxford Ancestors or Genebase (not SMGF) for $59 and then order just the missing five markers, DYS607 $7.20, DYS570 $7.20, DYS576 $7.20, CDYa&b (DYS724) $12.00, plus a $9.50 transfer fee, $43.10, total $102.10.

Here are the yAncestrys for Ralph and Gerald -


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