Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Unusual results!

John, #142, a member of the Augusta/Washington Co. Berry family received the final panel (Y-DNA26-37) of his Y-DNA37 order yesterday   -  and they are very unusual.    John has two multi-step mutations in two of his fast moving markers, DYS570 and CDYa.    Two steps at DYS570 and four steps at CDYa!    Don't yet know what to make of this.

You can see John's and the rest of the family's haplotype values here.

Thought we might take a look at how these might diagram out.    Here's the last cladogram from last December -
And here's yesterday's, keeping the participants as close to their December placement as I could while still making room for our new #142 -
Isn't that interesting.    I wonder when someone will show up who fills the spot now held by median vector 1?

Also, I got an answer from one of the folks who tested at Ancestry.com and his results match our Fayette Co. Berry family.    He is Roger Dale Berry and is our new participant #165.    His results, yancestry and comparison tables are all posted on the site and I welcome you all to take a look at them.

And finally, Bill, #79, got his much delayed results for his DYS464X test from the Palindromic Pack.    His results are 15c-15c-17c-17c.    Huh?    Sorry, I just don't have any idea what that means.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this cladogram, Jim. I absolutely LOVE it!!

I guess one thing we can say about this result is that it shows how crucial 'good' genealogy research is in being able to evaluate the DNA results. In this case, #142's genealogy is pretty rock solid that his ancestor was a brother of #45 (and probably #47). If we only looked at the 'math' of DNA, we might be tempted to say that these men were not so closely related, but they are closely related -- on paper. As in the case of #27 and #125, sometimes the paper trail 'trumps' the math!!


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