Friday, October 09, 2009

FGS cont.

OK  -  Betty, #m1, just got her email from Bennett and I can report part and surmise the other.

He says, in part,
                                 A new price for the full mtDNA test will be 
introduced in November but until then we are offering our current customers a
promotional price through October 31st, 2009:

$179 (was $410) for those who have already tested up to HVR2 (the order
item is HVR2 to MEGA)
$199 (was $420) for those who have already tested HVR1 (the order item
is HVR1 to MEGA)

To Order:

Log in to you personal page at

Click "Special Offers"

You'll recall from my last posting that I've been nagging them about whether the offer applied to folks who had tested their HVR1 & HVR2 at other labs --

Well, I'm going to surmise that I had at least a small hand in them deciding that they also needed to offer something to their customers who hadn't tested their mtDNA but WERE customers [read:   Y-DNA customers] because if those folks follow the directions given they will find:   "mtFullSequence     $229.00"

I have no idea (yet) that this is a special price that will also go up in November, but, it's a good price for the FGS* even if it doesn't.

Anyone interested might not want to take a chance.

* Full Genomic Sequence


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