Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cleaning up . . . (cont.)

Next we've added Ivan Berry, #201, another of the "Chuck & Bill" series.    Ivan's yAncestry is included with the Unassigned folks.    Ivan's results are expected early-to-mid-February.

Likewise, Edward John Barry, #202, was recruited by Bill on indications that their respective ancestors may have lived near one another in County Limerick, Ireland.    Again, his yAncestry is included with the Unassigned Berrys.

We know very little of Max Armond Berry, #203.    Max' Y-DNA67 results are posted and he not only has no matches in the Project, he has no matches at all closer than a genetic distance of 2 with a different surname at 25 markers.    I guess it doesn't help that he is haplogroup J2 and has a DYS464e=16 and a null at DYS 425.    Sorry, no yAncestry.

Oh.    One more thing.    Roy's, #198, Y-DNA25 results came in overnight.    He has thirty 25 marker exact matches with 16 different surnames.    Only one Berry match, Delmer Berry, #194.    I'm sure we'll have more about Roy later.


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