Saturday, January 29, 2011

DNA Heritage British Isles Y-DNA Promotion

Alastair Greenshields, Principal of DNA Heritage, has just announced a new promotion aimed at assisting and encouraging British Isles testing recognizing that that is often the weak link in our attempts to extend our genealogies back across the pond.

The promotion has no (as yet) end date and offers both of DNAH's Y-DNA tests to folks with British Isles addresses at nicely discounted prices.    Those qualifying include residents of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland and includes the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

The $199 43-marker test is offered for $129 and their $219 58-marker test is $179.

While DNAH doesn't have as large a database as FTDNA, that won't be a hinderance to Berry Family DNA Project testers since our independent site compares all our participants, wherever tested.

An additional plus is that the DNAH 58-marker test now tests 15 additional markers: DYS481, DYS527B, DYS570, DYS643, DYS508, DYS549, DYS576, DYS724A, DYS522, DYS552, DYS607, DYS724B, DYS527A, DYS552.1 and DYS627 which include the fast-moving markers from FTDNA's third panel.

The particulars of the offer may be seen here.


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