Friday, April 19, 2013

FTDNA DNA Day sale

For a limited time FTDNA will be selling the FMS for $189 and whether you’ve tested HVR1 or HVR1+2, you’ll be able to upgrade to the Full Sequence for just $129!

In addition, they are also lowering the Family Finder to $169 for this sale!

Here is the list of all tests under the promotion:

Full MtDNA Sequence…. $189
Upgrades to FMS….$129
Y-DNA37 (new and add-on)…. $119
Y-DNA67 (new and add-on)…. $199
Y-DNA37 + Full MtDNA Sequence…. $308
Y-DNA12 + FF…. $218
Y-DNA37 + FF…. $288
Y-DNA67 + FF…. $368
Family Finder.... $169
Family Finder + Full MtDNA Sequence…. $358
SuperDNA….$388 (Y-67 + FMS)
Comprehensive DNA…. $557 (Y-67 + FMS + FF)

The sale will begin tonight, April 18th, at 6PM CDT.  Orders must be made and paid for by 11:59 p.m. CDT on Thursday, April 25th.    All orders must be placed and paid for by the end of the sale to receive the promotional price.

More important, in my view, will be the opportunity to upgrade those 12 marker and 25 marker tests to 37 markers or greater.    According to FTDNA, "We’ll offer Y-DNA upgrades during a Father’s Day sale and will give you those details at that time."


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