Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Y-DNA12 for $99 $39

FTDNA Press Release -

HOUSTON, Feb. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/   --   Family Tree DNA, the genetic genealogy arm of Gene By Gene, Ltd., is dramatically lowering the price of one of its basic Y-DNA tests to $39, making it the lowest-cost DNA test available on the market, in order to take a major step toward universal access by individuals to their personal genetic data.

By dropping the price of its basic Y-DNA test by 60 percent to $39, Family Tree DNA  --  the world's largest processor of Y-DNA and full mitochondrial sequences  --  is working to eliminate cost as a barrier to individuals introducing themselves to the insights and knowledge to be gained from personal genetic and genomic research.


If you've been wanting to check whether you might be related to that certain person, here's your chance to do it on the cheap.     Down from $99 for a limited time (I think Feb. 28th but don't hold me to that), you can find the particulars HERE.

As I've mentioned before, 12 markers will NOT tell you for certain that your ARE related to another, but it will tell you for certain when you are NOT related to that other.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good points about the opportunity to inexpensively tell whether someone is related or not, Jim!!


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