Friday, May 17, 2013

23andMe multiple kit sale!

This has just shown up from 23andMe-

We have a new offer for you and your audience!    20% off on all additional kits.    So, the first kit in a purchase order is full price - $99.    And every additional kit is 20% off - $79.

This offer is live now and does not have an expiration date.   

Here are a couple of links you can start using:   Explore your DNA with your family.    Now 20% off on all additional kits.    Why 20% Off?    In December, our new $99 price made the 23andMe DNA kit accessible to many people for the first time.    We also noticed that a lot of people purchased multiple DNA kits at once or came back for additional kits later.    That makes sense!    Exploring genetic health and ancestry via 23andMe can be a great family experience;   most of our members choose to share and compare results with their closest relatives.    So we wanted to make it easier for families to purchase their kits together, and save money while being able to share richer DNA stories.

With Father's Day coming up, keep in mind that the 23andMe DNA kit could be an original and caring gift for a parent, grandparent or a significant other.


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