Thursday, May 14, 2009

OK  -  Here's the deal

Either FTDNA has caught up with their backlog or they're getting very efficient.    David's, #161, first two panels, Y-DNA1-25, of his Y-DNA37 order came in yesterday, again almost a month before 'expected'.    It sort of looks like he could be a Faires Berry but we won't know for sure until his last panel is done.

Here's the Faires Berry's genetic distance table showing what I mean -
It looks like David will be taken care of when his Y-DNA26-37 panel is reported but what about Dennis, #31?    His results look a little iffy for being a member of the Faires Berry family.    What to do?

SALE! FTDNA is having an 'Upgrade sale" from today until May 23rd with upgrade prices reduced, on average, 25%.    I don't know the exact price but that would make Dennis' Y-DNA26-37 about $35 (was $49).    Maybe Dennis will spring for that, or maybe some of you other Faires Berrys who might care.

For the rest of you who may have an interest in upgrading, FTDNA will notify each participant in the database who qualifies for this offer by e-mail, and will provide you a direct link you may use to take advantage of the upgrade.    There will be no need for participants to contact them directly in order to receive the reduced price.    The prices have been adjusted in the system.


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