Thursday, August 09, 2018


I just tonight discovered that Rootsweb has put us back online -- no notice from them but, we're back!

Now I have to relearn how to do this stuff.

One thing, since I'm no longer an FTDNA Project administrator I don't have access to a bulk mail utility so I'm going to have to figure out a way to get in touch with all of you at once.

This Project won't now be as robust as when we first started.   As I mentioned, I'm no longer linked in to FTDNA so I'll have to depend on each of you to get in touch with me with any data you think should be posted or analyzed.

In my mind, this has always been the Y-DNA Project that we started as, almost a one-name project, and I'll continue as that here since I don't understand 'triangulation' and other esoteric autosomal DNA concepts. Nor do I have any real interest in relationships beyond those with a BERRY (and variants) surname.

Some of you will recall that I complained about the discontinuing of the RootsWeb Online Editor in a post a year ago. During this offline period many of you have sent me Y-DNA test results for posting. Without the Online Editor, I'll just have to see what I'll have to do to post changes to our pages. ...and then I'll probably have to ask you to resend them as I'm sure I won't find all that you all sent.

Just wanted to let you know that things are looking a little brighter, Berry Family DNA Project-wise.

P.S.   The links here don't seem to work. Until I get that figured out you'll have to start from here for everything.


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