Thursday, January 18, 2007

Doomsday Clock . . .

. . . Moves Two Minutes Closer To Midnight.    The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has adjusted the Doomsday Clock, moving the minute hand from seven minutes to five minutes before Midnight, basing its new decision on the "deteriorating global situation, due to nuclear weapons, and this year's new factor -- climate change" -- specifically, the perils of 27,000 nuclear weapons, 2,000 of them ready to launch within minutes; and the destruction of human habitats from climate change.

DNA - Michael Beery, #69, our only hap G participant, received his Y-DNA26-37 results yesterday, almost two weeks early, leaving only his Y-DNA13-25 markers outstanding, still expected 1/31/07.

Richard, #82, is expected to match Michael but his results are not expected back until March 9th.    Michael and Richard trace their yAncestry back to Switzerland in the early 18th century.    According to Wikipedia, "Haplogroup G has an overall low frequency in most populations but is widely distributed in Eurasia and Oceania.    It is most frequent in the Caucasus, and is also found in Asia Minor, the Middle East, the Balkans, and Italy, with decreasing frequency in other parts of the world.    It has relatively high concentrations in Italy, Sardinia, northern Spain, and western Austria.    The distribution of haplogroup G in Europe seems to reflect a migration of Anatolian people into the Mediterranean Basin."


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