Wednesday, April 18, 2007

lost and found

I got an email the other day from Grant Berry telling me that he'd just signed up in the Project, but I couldn't find him.    After searching fruitlessley for several days I finally emailed Catherine at FTDNA who said an error had occured and moved Grant into the Project.    He is our 97th participant and will be #93 in the Project.    Grant, whose grandfather emigrated from Scotland, ordered a 67 marker test.    Now that would be interesting if he matched one of our established families!    It seems to me that pretty soon we ought to have enough haplotypes in the Project that everyone who joined then would match somebody!

In addition, I promptly heard from John, #92, and his yAncestry is posted.

Ken, #80, has received the results of his advanced SNP tests from EthnoAncestry refining his Haplogroup to R1b1c9*.    Here's his certificate.
Today's the day again.    At the moment we have Artie's, #90, 37 marker test, Ken's, #83, upgrade to 37 markers and Peter's, #56, R1b Deep SNP tests at FTDNA waiting to be sent to the lab this evening in Batch 201.    If you've been considering upgrading or ordering any new tests where FTDNA already has your DNA sample on hand, TODAY'S the day to do it.    It will save you up to a week on getting your results back.    Place the order before 4:30 or so this afternoon, Mountain Time, to avoid waiting up to a week additional for the next batch to be shipped out.


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