Saturday, April 14, 2007

The pipeline

Well, maybe our 'pipeline' won't be so empty after all.    John Berry signed up yesterday for a Y-DNA12 test and has already answered my welcoming email!    Since I never got a response of any kind from Ronald, it looks like John will be participant #91.    He's promised to furnish his yAncestry to me today so I'll get it posted and we can try to guess who he might match.

Artie, #90, tells me he's mailed his kit back so after this coming Wednesday when Batch 201 is sent to he lab we'll be waiting for results from Artie's and BJ's, #88, 37 marker tests, Ken's, #83, upgrade to 37 markers and David, #57, and Peter's, #56, R1b Deep SNP tests with John and Ronald's(?) kits still out.

Oh, and if you'll go to my 'Friday the 13th' post you will see that since the 13th is over I've now provided a means for you to turn off that annoying music.    Just click on the 'pause' ||.


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