Friday, April 20, 2007

Prairie Home Companion

In an amazing show of good taste, the Judges from Prairie Home Companion's People In Their Twenties Talent Contest have chosen our pals The Sweetback Sisters as finalists for that prestigious event.    They will be performing tomorrow evening, the 21st, and competing against five other bands for some sort of grand prize.    You can help them win by voting on line that night.    There is more information on Prairie Home's web page, and they will tell you how to vote during the broadcast tomorrow night.    So help the Sweetback Sisters win big by using all your email addresses to vote.

Why am I really excited about The Sweetback Sisters performance on national radio?    Their fiddler and acoustic guitar player is Jesse Milnes, Smakula Fretted Instruments' chief banjo hygienist and fiddle repairman.    You can also see Jesse here in the green shirt. -
So don't forget to tune in to you local PBS station Saturday evening and help them win!


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