Saturday, April 21, 2007


As you know if you're a Project member or a regular reader of this blog, or perhaps even if you're just a Berry 'lurker', we try to post the male ancestry of each of our participants, full names and birth and death years because we believe that those ancestries, especially in conjunction with DNA results, will assist our Project members and interested others in their pursuit of that elusive 'connection'.    We call this male ancestry a yAncestry.

I am very pleased to report that our last four members have already supplied their yAncestrys and they are posted.    These are Artie, #90, John, #91, John, #92 and Grant, #93.    And of these, only John, #92, has results posted. 

Sad to say, on the other hand, others have not been so forthcoming.    Both Nat, #87, and Dennis, #89, notwithstanding already having results posted, have not responded to our requests.    BJ's, #88, results (and yAncestry) are (still) eagerly awaited.    And Ronald Stuart Berry hasn't responded to either Carol's or my emails so that we can even get him in the Project.

Hopefully, a word to the wise.


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