Saturday, May 12, 2007

saturday morn

The balance of BJ's, #88, 37 markers were reported yesterday.    Essentially no change.    Removed any thought that there might be a genealogical relationship with anyone already tested.    BJ's results were very prompt.    His kit was received by FTDNA on 4/11 and his results were back by 5/11.    Of course, it didn't hurt at all that it was returned to FTDNA in the nick of time for immediate shipment to the lab.

Also, David's, #57, DeepSNP-R1b results were reported.    As far as FTDNA tests he is R1b1c.    Kenneth, #80, another Culpeper Co. Berry, who is 3 distant from David at 67 markers has previously tested R1b1c9* using additional SNPs offered by EthnoAncestry.


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