Saturday, March 01, 2008

Stealth results, again

Why stealth, you ask?    Well, the arrangement is (supposed to be) that when FTDNA posts new results they (are supposed to) send a notice to the customers involved and to the group administrators.

Luckily I'm inclined to prowl around the group administrator pages and in doing so last night I discovered the Y-DNA26-67 results for John V. Berry, #105, a now confirmed Spartanburg Co., SC Berry, had just been posted.    No notice - none to anyone that I'm aware of.    Actually, I think it's probably a computer thing.    John's Y-DNA1-12 results had previously been posted and I think that because his 13-25 results haven't been completed or posted the computer didn't know to tell anyone.    I suppose we'll hear about all of them when they finish that panel.

John and Donald, #103, differ at CDYa&b.    Unfortunately, others in that family have not tested sufficient markers to support any real analysis of lines within the family.


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