Monday, June 16, 2008

Back, again  -  temporarily

We had two new results while I was (sort of) gone last week.    John, #105, got the results of his Deep Clade-R test last Monday and Paul, #36, got his Y-DNA26-37 marker results on Thursday.

John's results seem to show a disconnect between the naming conventions used by the various parties in the DNA arena.    According to FTDNA John is haplogroup R1b1b2g1 while, as best I can tell, ISOGG would call him R1b1b2a1a.    What does this mean?    I don't know.    I know that your haplogroup maybe helps you determine ancient migration patterns and I think that perhaps the more 'refined' the result is the more precise the location of your ancient ancestor.    Maybe.    This is one of the areas of Carol's interest and I only know enough to be dangerous.

Paul is a Faires Berry and his additional markers further confirm 'tbd' as a part of this family.    Now we just need to find out more about him because I think he (tbd) may descend from John Berry whom I thought might be a son of Benton Co. Berry's ancestor Samuel Berry/Nancy Crow.    Apparently not.


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