Friday, September 12, 2008

Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys

Jeannette Berry Pemberton sponsored her brother, Bland, to test 46 markers through and his results have just become available.    Yup.    An Augusta/Washington Co. Berry.    That makes 24 Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys in the Project.    Well, that does include Edgar, #125, whose results aren't due for another two months, and SMGF Berry/Velez who is sort of an involuntary participant.

Bland is participant #131, our 140th member!

Why is it that I can only count 43 results from's 46 marker test?


Anonymous Anonymous said... 'says' that they are testing 46 markers, however, they count 19b and 464e and 464f in that 46 marker count. Results for those three markers are RARELY found. FTDNA will report results for those markers -- if they are found -- but doesn't include those three in their marker counts.

Carol Vass

11:23 AM  

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