Sunday, September 07, 2008

Where to begin . . . .

Well, maybe with those three Irish guys I mentioned last time.    One turned out to be a match for the Gum Branch Berrys family, SMGF Barry/Bell whose pedigree is shown here -

The other two form a new family, matching each other but no one else.    I don't think I'll make a 'formal' family out of them since they appear to be perhaps father and son.    They are SMGF Barry/Williams -and SMGF Barry/Kellett -
We also have a new match for the Effingham Co. Berrys.    SMGF Berry/Alderman's pedigree is even from Effingham Co. -

If you'd like to see what I work with to make these determinations, here's the combined distance table of all Project members plus all the haplotypes gleaned from the SMGF database.

More later . . . .

Big oops! - POSTED AT 8:35 PM    Just realized that SMGF Berry/Alderman is Bob Berry, #46.    Rats!    Wonder if Jeff, #100, has tested with SMGF?    That'd be a good idea.    Give us enough markers to tell whether he and Bob are really related.


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