Friday, December 31, 2010

more Cleaning up . . . .

O.K., now I've never seen this before.    I just posted 37 markers for Lee M. Berry, #204, and, out of curiosity, checked his matches.    Usually we have some matches with others within a reasonable genetic distance, especially at the lower levels, even with other surnames.    Lee has NO 12, 25 or 37 marker matches.    NONE.    His haplogroup is J2a4b.    Unfortunately he hasn't shared a yAncestry with us.

The Y-DNA37 results for John Edward Berry, #205, have been posted.    John has never responded to our inquiries for his genealogical information so I don't know what he expected.    He has no Berry matches but does have an exact 37 marker match with a McDonald.    That could be worth exploring.

As part of my 'cleaning up' I undertook to write several folks with other surnames who were in the Berry group at FTDNA to see if they really belonged there.    I got a response from Rodney Allan Berry, about whom I had blogged in 2008, so Rodney is now our #206.    His yAncestry is among the Unassigned folks for those who like to check for 'family' given names.

Now to catch up on Carol's 'short bios' . . . .

Happy New Year, everyone!


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