Thursday, March 14, 2013

Perhaps a clue?

Martyn Berry, #226, has only tested 12 markers but I believe he is at least a 'probable' for the Berry Plain Berrys.

The thing about Martyn is that he lives in Croydon, a Borough of London, and his ancestors can be traced back to Hertfordshire, England in about 1761.    Given that his folks were in Hertfordshire from then until just recently, and given that folks didn't move around that much in the 17th Century, it might be a place to look for the immigrant ancestor of most of the lines of this family, Henry Berry.    Henry is reputed to have arrived in the Colony of Virginia about 1648 to 1650 but I haven't heard any theory as to where he might have emigrated from --- until now.

You all might want to help Martyn research his Hertfordshire ancestors back another century or so.

Of course, you might have a little more confidence that you were looking in the right place if Martyn had tested 37 markers.

BTW, Hertfordshire is about 36 miles from Croydon.


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