Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Birthday Girl
 Arimarlisa's Phantom V Reiteralm NA

My dog, Phantom, is 11 years old today.    She's a 'grey ghost' but now her muzzle and eyebrows are really getting grey/white.    She's been a really good dog for us and has given us much more pleasure than we could ever repay.    Unlike her son, Edn, Phantom gives the appearance of being somewhat aloof but is always ready for a scratch or a pet or a love.

She's done a little of everything for us.    We showed her in conformation for a couple of years but were able to manage only 5 points of the required 15 for her championship.    Everyone told us that dog shows and judges were very political but I have to think that handling her myself and learning as we went was an obstacle that even she couldn't overcome.

We also had a go at agility trials.    She was very good at that, and still is, but her handler was getting a little long in the tooth and we pretty much gave it up after she got her novice title.    This is her title run -Even now, we occasionally go to a dog ring and she still knows all the obstacles and can throw a good run.

Happy birthday, sweetie.    I hope we have many more.


Anonymous Barbara Berrey Stotler said...

Amazing that the Jim Berry family, pastimes, love of music and museums, choice of pets, point of view, should be so similar to that of the Illinois/Missouri Berrey's. Is it in the genes?
My Dad's Weimeraner, Liz, made it to 17. Such a sweetie, too.
Hope to meet you in August Barb Berrey Stotler

2:45 AM  

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