Monday, July 02, 2007


Well, it seems that we're in a 'not much happening' period.    So I'll just post a test status update -
I'm wading through a bunch of stuff from my recent sojourn and don't have much of it available yet.    Some of the things they do at Glenville are banjo and fiddle contests and workshops.    I'll post an example of each and then a jam or two.

First, here's the Over 50 fiddle contest winner, Gerry Milnes, playing Give the Fiddler a Dram -
Gerry also won the Over 50 banjo contest but I don't have video of that.

Next, we have Dave Bing and Dwight Diller in a fiddle workshop where Dwight is talking about the Hammons family and demonstrating some of their repertoire.    Here he's showing some of the variations of the tune Calloway played by different members within the same family -
This is an example of an old time style of banjo picking called 'clawhammer' or 'drop thumb' in which the melody notes are sounded by striking the appropriate strings with the nail of the index or middle finger during the downstroke.

Jamming goes on day and night in, among other places, the Conrad Motel parking lot in the middle of town.    Here are a couple examples of some of that:

A snippet of Andy and Ben just finishing a tune. Can't remember who has his back to me with the guitar, maybe Rory. -

Betty Vornbrock, Billy Cornette, Carl Baron, Bill Locke and friends in the lot play Logan Co. Blues -

Rachael Meads, John Meeker, unknown 'fine looking fellow', Margo Blevin, Tracy Schwarz, Russ Hatton and Annie Trimble in the stairwell playing You're Gonna Make Me Die -


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim - I know you are really into the DNA thing, and I really appreciate your photos and activities of you and your family. But, could you go into who is related to whom a little more. Do you have any Acrey Berry/Berrey descendants? I can't tell from what you have posted.

As I get closer to August, I will like directions on how to get to your town. I will be visiting my daughter at Ft Meade Md. I'm living in the Pacific Northwest but come from the Missouri/Illinois Berrey's. I've sent info to you before.

8:17 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

That's a fine looking fellow playing guitar in the stairwell, but it is not Joe Newberry. I know, because I am Joe Newberry, and I have been in Durham, N.C., all the last week.

I will, however, be in W. Va. in August, teaching at Augusta Vocal Week.--JN

8:32 PM  
Blogger langolier said...

Sorry, Joe. ...and I even compared the video with that I have of you backing up Cathy Grant in the Chapel.

He is a fine looking fellow, isn't he?

2:02 PM  

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