Friday, July 20, 2007

remnants of Glenville

This is my old friend, Dave Bing, and my new friend, Kate Laseur from England, (or was that Lissauer?) playing a tune I wish I knew the name of-

Old friends David O'Dell, banjo, Dave Bing, fiddle, and Andrew Dunlap, guitar -

Lester and Linda McCumbers are two of my favorite people.    They were married when they were 16 and they've been married for 70 years.    We don't get a chance to hear Lindy sing much anymore so enjoy this one.    Unfortunately, I missed the best part.    The 'band' decided that the end of the song had come and stopped.    Lindy objected that she had another verse to sing -- so they started up again and she sang it.    Too bad that I also stopped when they did.

Gerry Milnes, fiddle, his son, Jesse, guitar, and Amanda Kowalski on bass -

Oh, by the way, James, #96, received his Y-DNA13-25 Marker results yesterday.    Now just waiting for his 26-37 markers to finish up his order.


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