Monday, July 16, 2007

Last Week's Results

Jim, #96, got his FTDNA Y-HAP-Backbone result on the 10th and took a step backward.    He had been 'estimated' J2e1 [J2b1].    J2e1 [J2b1] is characterized by M102.    So what does FTDNA test?    M172!    His result is M172+ so now Jim is just J2!!?

Brian, #50, got the first and third panels of his Y-Refine37to67 on the 12th and 13th, respectively.    These results may actually turn out to be very interesting.    We have the first 'difference' among the slow moving markers of Y-Refine37to67 which may help us distinguish branches within the family.

Danny, #95, got his Y-DNA13-25 Markers of his Y-Refine12to25 on the 14th.    Still no matches.

In addition, on the 10th, SMGF gave notice of the addition of new haplotypes and genealogical records to the Sorenson mtDNA and Y-chromosome databases.    The only additional Y database Berry, new posting or additional markers, that I've been able to spot is Artie, #90, who has a haplotype of 38 markers posted.    Artie's is no. 2, the one marked 33/33 -If anyone knows of any others I'd appreciate a 'heads-up'.

As for Artie, he got 10 additional markers - free!


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