Saturday, May 16, 2009

OK  -  That wasn't the deal - here's the deal

Remember, day before yesterday, speaking of the Faires Berrys I said that David, #161, will be taken care of when his Y-DNA26-37 panel is reported vis-a-vis his membership in the Faires Berry family?    Well it has now been reported and I'll have to say that it looks to me that we don't know any more than we did before.

Here's the Faires Berry's genetic distance table I was talking about when he had only 25 markers reported -
and here's the current genetic distance table with David's 37 markers -Does that look any better to you?    Only slightly.    Let's hope that Dennis, #31, decides to take advantage of the opportunity FTDNA's upgrade sale offers.

David and Dennis look very close to each other so far but almost seem separated from the rest of the Faires Berrys.

Let's see how these folks diagram out -Not so unusual.    Not as tight as some but . . . .


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