Wednesday, June 03, 2009

You missed it!

On numerous occasions I've urged ALL of you to test with SMGF whether you tested elsewhere or not.    Simply because it was FREE!

Well, now you've missed it.

"SMGF will no longer collect new samples directly through our website. Instead, sample collecting will be handled by affiliate organizations, freeing SMGF resources previously dedicated to sample collecting to support data analysis and innovation."

Unfortunately, SMGF is steering potential testers to GeneTree.    The problem with that is that in addition to not providing the level of service and usefulness that FTDNA does, GeneTree does not test several important markers for family matching, namely DYS607, 576, 570, CDYa and CDYb.    Four of these; DYS570, 576 and CDYa&b, have been useful for separating lines in some families and in some cases determining whether there is a family match or not.

For this reason I would not recommend testing with GeneTree.    I would, however, recommend that after testing elsewhere you go to the GeneTree website, , and create your free account and manually enter your DNA profile to gain access to genetic-genealogy research applications developed by SMGF, and to search for genetic matches in the SMGF database.


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