Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Newsy Bits

Problems!    We got problems?    Yes, we do.    The first 12 markers of Robert Crim Berry's, #160, Y-DNA37 order came in yesterday and those markers match Bill's, #73, first 12 markers!    If Robert had responded to our request and shared his yAncestry with us we'd have some idea whether this was just another 'false-positive' 12 marker match or whether it may be a harbinger of something very interesting.    Anyone know Robert?    Want to put in a good word for us?

In addition, Bob, #46, is determined to do what he can to solve a particular East Tennessee Berry family puzzle that he has become interested in.    To that end he has sponsored John C. Barry to a Y-DNA37 test.    John will be Participant #167.    In addition, Bob has provided John's yAncestry which is posted, for now, with the Unassigned Berrys.

Rod, #146, is taking advantage of the Upgrade Sale by ordering his Y-Refine37to67 upgrade.    He'll be the first and I'd count this as a challange to the rest of you Faires Berrys.

So is David, #159.    He's also bumping his clear to 67 markers for the Madison Co. Berry family.

Remember   -   if you're thinking about upgrading, this sale only lasts until the end of this week but you can save yourself a whole weeks' waiting time by doing it before the close of business tomorrow when they ship their batches out.


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