Monday, May 18, 2009

Spam blogger?

This is part blog post and part test.    I've just been notified that my blog posting has been blocked because I'm suspected of being a 'spam blogger'.

The test part is when I try to publish this and see whether I'm really blocked or whether I just have to jump through some hoops like a CAPTCHA thingy.

This is my notice.    I suspect that there won't be a human around to take a look at it until sometime tomorrow.

If you're able to see this I've only had to pass a CAPTCHA verification to get it published.

UPDATE:   I'm wrong on several counts.    Well, at least maybe about the human.    It seems that while I was writing the above blog post my block/lock disappeared.    A couple of times while writing it I had to go through a CAPTCHA to save it but when it came time to publish, that had all disappeared, as well as the notices memorialized above.


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