Sunday, May 17, 2009

Upgrade sale

In case you missed it, FTDNA is having an Upgrade Sale.    It is good through May 23rd.    Discounts are about 25% off FTDNA's usual price.    If you have any interest in getting more markers, and all of you who have less than 37 markers should, you should place your order by the close of business this coming Wednesday to save yourself a week of waiting time in addition to your monetary savings.

Whether to upgrade to 67 markers is a bit more problematical.    Within family groups there don't seem to have been many variations in this final panel, but there have been some.    If someone else in your family has already done so that should be more incentive for you to, but then, someone has to be first.    Why not you?

With the discount applied, upgrades cost:
                                Y-Refine12to25          $ 35
Y-Refine12to37 69
Y-Refine12to67 148

Y-Refine25to37 35
Y-Refine25to67 114

Y-Refine37to67 79

To give a little context, FTDNA appears to hold these upgrade sales about this time every year but only once a year.    You should strike while the iron is hot, to coin a phrase.    There may not be another opportunity until next year.


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