Friday, May 22, 2009

Attention must be paid.

FTDNA's Upgrade Sale ends tomorrow, presumably at midnight in some time zone.    Probably be best not to take a chance on which time zone.    So far only four of you have taken advantage of the offer.    I'm a bit surprised that there aren't more of you.

Every one of you should have tested to at least 37 markers.    Without naming names, one Augusta/Washington Co. Berry could do this for $35; one Madison Co. Berry could do it for $35 and one for $69; three Berry Plain Berrys could upgrade to 37 markers for $69 each; three Benton Co. Berrys could for $35 each and one for $69; one Faires Berry could for $35 and one for $69; one New Jersey Berry for $35; one Effingham Co. Berry for $35 and one for $69; ; one Spartanburg Co., SC Berry for $35 and one for $69; Both English Colony Berrys, each for $69; and one NEW Berry for $35.

Don't take a chance on whether you may miss the deadline.

Happy Birthday, Susan!


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